Iceland erupts

The Fimmvorduhals volcano near the Eyjafjallajokull (SPELLING SKILLZZ) glacier in Iceland has erupted causing all kinds of evacuation and flight delay havoc. I'm pretty confident that Iceland is the coolest country in the world with even this volcano looking pretty great.

mt. eerie

Mt. Eerie played a full band show which i missed AGAIN and will probably have to listen to how great it was for a while yet, so here are some of the lost wisdom photos mainly from norway.

paint-shop posters

Stumbled across these alternative film posters by Ibraheem Youssef. He's only done ones for Wes Anderson and Tarantino films so far but more doodles are at his site

a positive view

A new exhibition at Somerset House showed rare works by photographers including these two delights by Wim Wenders (he wot does those films) and Elliot Erwitt for homeless charity Crisis.

black and white and colour

There was recently a programme on BBC4 about the early pioneers of silent cinema which showed the start of moving images from zoetropes to the works of the Lumiere brothers and their English counterpart George Smith. The programme is a bit dependant on how much you like Paul Merton in this kind of format but he was passionate and knowledgable enough to make it interesting and we got to see examples of early George Melies work including this, an example of frame painting work where the colour was added to each frame by hand.

how funny exactly?

Ever worry that people are lying when they say something's funny or don't believe them when they say they're shocked? how shocked are you? Did they find your joke as hilarious as they should? Well fret no more as Eunah Kim has devised rulers to measure exactly this in her How's It Going project.

black cat white cat

A montage from the Emir Kustricia film Black Cat White Cat featuring soundtrack by Goran Bregovic